Chinese Immigrants in Park County

This project explores the history of Chinese immigrants in Park County, Colorado, their experiences, occupations, and day-to-day activities from the early 1870s until 1914. As the majority of primary sources used in this project were not created by the immigrants who came over from China, the project acknowledges that there is only so far that these sources can illuminate the realities of their lives. In addition, many of these sources contain racist and sinophobic sentiments. In analyzing these sources the project applies a critical lens in an attempt to dig beneath the surfaces of these stories to find new ways of understanding the characters and contexts surrounding these narratives. The project highlights not just the experiences of the Chinese immigrant community in Colorado, but also those of the individuals who made up the community, emphasizing their struggles, successes, and above all their contributions to the region of Park County.


This exhibit was created by the graduate students in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Denver: Sam Carlson and Anna Flynn as part of a research project conducted for the Park County Local History Archive.